Great instructor and mentor

2014.05.01 02:58

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Russ Tucker is an amazing individual.  I took his class when I first entered the pool business just over a year ago and passed the exam on my first attempt with an 89.  His material is easy to understand and very concise.  The best part of his class is that he doesn't waste any time - he focuses on exactly what's on the exam.  

Not only is he a great instructor and one of the nicest guys I've ever met, he ALWAYS returns my calls.  I have random questions for him all of the time and still - over a year later - he is happy to talk to me and help out in any way he can.  Thanks to him, I now have my own large commercial pool a successful residential route.  

Highly recommended!  You get so much more than simply the class...you get a mentor and friend with a ton of experience.  

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