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2018.09.25 00:43

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When i heard i needed to pass the la county health department test to work commercial pools i was not happy. I had known many pool guys that had taken them 3 to 4 times to pass the test!! The la county test guide was very vague and you didnt really know what to study. It made me very nervous and frustrated. So i googled classes for la county test and Russ Tucker came up. At first i was tentative because of the price. But im glad i made the decision and followed through with Russ program. You get 4 prctice tests and 2 online videos with Russ going over all stuff you need for the test. The flash cards were a huge key for me. If it wasnt for Russ Tucker Pool school i would have been absolutely lost on the exam. Dont get me wrong,it is still very difficult but with out Russ it would have been impossible.You are the man Russ!! Thank you for helping me accomplish my goal!!!

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