Pool School success story

2018.09.24 23:21

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I attended Russ Tucker Pool School on September 18-19 to prepare myself for the LA County Health Department Exam.  Russ started out the class with handouts he created and official books with LA County rules/codes.  The information in these books/handouts had content that would help an individual learn the basics of pool operation, chemicals, and vital calculations used to      determine many variables of the pool/spa and Health Department Codes.  Russ would address the important information and give examples so I as a student could understand.  If at one point I  did not understand something, Russ would take the time to review the content.  The pace of the class was never too fast and I always had time to write notes and highlight.  I used the practice    tests that Russ offers on his website.  These tests were an excellent way to review for the real test.   On 9/24 I took my test at the LA County Health Department Headquarters and passed with a score that was the highest out of anyone taking the test that day.  I am glad Russ offers a school to prepare someone to take the test.  I would  recommend anyone to his class who is perusing      their license.  Thank you Russ Tucker!
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