Thanks Russ

2014.12.16 06:41

Perez Views:9962

I was privileged enough to be able to take both online and in-classroom courses from Russ. They were both incredibly helpful. All of the in-class knowledge was all bundled and reassured by 

 online courses and flash cards. Although, I would of probably pass the test with the flash cards alone. On top of that, if I ever had a question Russ was just a text, call, or email away. 

Because of all of this I was able to pass my test on my first attempt with an 84%. My brother in law and cousin of his also took Russ's class and BOTH passed on their first attempt. Once I 

heard that, I knew I was taking the RIGHT class. 

Thanks to Russ I am able to drive around without the worry of running into an inspector.  A huge weight off my back. Can't thank Russ enough for this. 

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